Associated Non-Technical Skills (ANTS)

ANTS are the cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills and contribute to safe and efficient task performance. This initiative is targeting the key non-technical skills of situation awareness, leadership, teamwork, communication and decision making.

Competence in ANTS enables all who work in the industry to interact effectively.  Research relating to incidents in high risk industry sectors such as aviation, medicine, oil and gas, and mining indicates that the failure of work systems to produce the OHS outcomes often result from inadequacy of ANTS.

The following resources have been developed to assist employers, unions, workers, contractors and the regulator to promote the use of ANTS within the industry:

ANTS Factsheet No.1 – A shared commitment to world-leading OHS culture
ANTS Factsheet No.2 – Vision for a world-leading OHS culture
ANTS Factsheet No.3 – Change to achieve a world-leading OHS culture
ANTS Factsheet No.4 – Capacity building in Associated Non-Technical Skills
ANTS Factsheet No.5 – Situation awareness
ANTS Factsheet No.6 – Decision making
ANTS Factsheet No.7 – Leadership
ANTS Factsheet No.8 – Communication
ANTS Factsheet No.9 – Teamwork
ANTS Discussion Paper