WHS culture project

The WHS culture change project has used the CEO WHS Culture Summit Vision and MSAC’s comprehensive world-leading WHS culture action plan to to produce tools to enable mining operations to assess and improve their WHS culture. The aim of the project is to create a future NSW mining industry that has a mature and resilient culture, reflecting the changing work habits and workforce.

The WHS culture change project is overseen by the world-leading WHS culture working party.


The MSAC-initiated project was piloted in nine NSW mine sites which contributed to testing systems to establish thet level their work 'culture' was at and identify areas that could be improved.
NSW Trade & Investment engaged an independent consulting consortium lead by Shaw Idea Pty Ltd to develop and conduct the pilot program.

WHS culture assessment

A self-assessment tool was developed to enable mines to assess their own WHS culture and performance on key elements of their WHS management system that not only identifies areas that may be improved, but where they relate to other operations and the industry's own 10 point WHS vision. 

To find out more information contact heather [dot] jackson [at] trade [dot] nsw [dot] gov [dot] au (Heather Jackson), Manager Mine Safety Industry Assistance Unit (MSIAU).

The ANTS project engagement strategy findings will also feed into this project to help achieve a world-leading WHS culture in the NSW mining and extractives industry.