Vulnerable Workers

MSAC has identified contractors and inexperienced workers as the principal vulnerable workers in the NSW mining and extractives industry in NSW. Vulnerable workers are not on the radar of many employers within the industry. This is despite an over-representation of vulnerable workers in fatalities and injuries.


Contractors account for half of all fatalities in the NSW mining industry between 2001 and 2007 and almost a third of all serious bodily injuries involved contractors.  As part of its focus on contractors MSAC has also produced the Contractor OHS Assessment Tool.

Inexperienced workers

Inexperienced workers are those with less than one year’s experience. Between 1999 and 2009, 20% of fatalities and serious injury cases in the NSW mining industry involved inexperienced workers.  MSAC has endorsed a Vulnerable Workers Profile to assist in raising this issue in the community and in the industry.


Contractor OHS Assessment Tool
Vulnerable Workers Profile


MSAC will continue to integrate into its initiatives strategies to assist vulnerable workers in the NSW mining and extractives industry.

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