Fatigue management

The fatigue management plan was developed in response to the Digging Deeper Project that was commissioned by MSAC to address a number of the recommendations from the Wran Mine Safety Review that highlighted hours of work and fatigue as one of the most important issues facing the mining and extractives industry in NSW and prioritised it accordingly. The Digging Deeper Project indicated that hours of work in the NSW mining and extractives industry are long, and fatigue needs to be addressed. The Digging Deeper Report recommended that risk based guidance be developed to manage fatigue risks in the NSW mining and extractives industry.

Through an extensive review of available information, and constructive negotiation between stakeholders through the Fatigue Working Party, MSAC has endorsed the guide to the development and implementation a fatigue management plan. The guide provides practical advice on how mines, through consultation, develop and implement a fatigue management plan. This provides an opportunity for the industry to move toward world-leading WHS. 


Guide to the development and implementation a Fatigue Management Plan
Summary of findings from the Digging Deeper Project
Fatigue Risk Management Chart
Fatigue Management Factsheet for Managers
Fatigue Management Factsheet for Workers
Fatigue Management Evaluation Manual
hy we need sleep - fact sheet


MSAC will continue to monitor evidence of fatigue impacts on mine safety and agreed that a targeted industry education and assistance program be undertaken by NSW Trade & Investment through the Industry Assistance Unit. MSAC intends to oversee a follow-up on the implementation of fatigue risk management plans.

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