OHS Professional Organisations websites

Human factors and Ergonomics Association
The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA) is the national organisation run by ergonomists to promote ergonomics in Australia and is a federated member of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA), which is the peak international body of professional ergonomics and human factors organisations.

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists
The overall objective of the Institute is to help ensure that workplace health hazards are eliminated or controlled. It seeks to achieve this by Promoting the profession of occupational hygiene in industry, government and the general community; Improving the practice of occupational hygiene and the knowledge, competence and standing of its practitioners.

Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
The Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine is the professional organisation committed to establishing and maintaining the standard of training and practice of Occupational Medicine in Australasia. Occupational Medicine is a medical specialty where highly-trained specialists focus on the effects of work on health and (conversely) health on work.

Safety Institute of Australia
The Safety Institute of Australia Incorporated (Inc) is the professional body for safety professionals and practitioners. The objective of the Safety Institute of Australia Inc is to promote the safety and health of people.

Risk Management Institution of Australasia
The Risk Management Institution of Australasia Limited (RMIA) is the largest professional association and peak body for risk management in the Asia-Pacific region. Members of RMIA cover every sector of the economy and all levels of government.