Mine Safety Advisory Council Publications

Associated Non-Technical Skills (ANTS)

o   Associated Non-Technical Skills Discussion Paper
o   Associated Non-Technical Skills Fact Sheets

Culture Change

o   Culture Change Summit 2008 Communique
o   Culture Vision from 2010 Review Event
o   Culture Benchmarking manual


o   Digging Deeper - Award winning research into Mine Safety
o   Actions to 2017


o   Contractor OHS Assessment Tool


o   Fatigue Management Plan – Guide to developing and implementing a fatigue management plan
o   Fatigue Risk Management Chart
o   Fatigue Management for Workers – Factsheet
o   Fatigue Management for Managers and Supervisors – Factsheet
o   Fatigue Management Evaluation Manual
o   Why we need sleep fatigue fact sheet



o   Health Management Plan – guide to development and implementation of a health management plan
o   Health Management Toolkit
o   Health Indices Factsheets
o   WorkCover claims data - analysis of lag health indicators

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

o   Managing Musculoskeletal Disorders – guide to preventing MSD
o   Musculoskeletal Disorders in NSW Mines – mail survey report
o   Musculoskeletal Disorders Profile – coal mining
o   Musculoskeletal Disorders Profile – metalliferous and extractive mining

Safety Incentive Schemes

o   Reviewing Safety Incentive Schemes (SIS) – tool to assist in reviewing SIS

Vulnerable Workers

o   Vulnerable Workers Profile
o   Contractor Assessment Tool